How to make your adult hookups more memorable

jerricaIf you gotten yourself a nice adult hook up, congratulate yourself. You’ve achieved something that many guys can only dream of. However, don’t get too comfortable. Simply getting a hook up date doesn’t necessarily mean that that date will end up well. It might still end up with you fucking her, it might still end up with her sucking your dick, and everybody has a good time — but that might be your first and only date with her.

If you want to bang that same pussy again and again in the future and, most importantly, get her to bring her girlfriend so you can have a threesome the next time, you need to make your hook up memorable. Here are some tips on how you can do that.

Get her to cum at least five times

Making a woman orgasm at least five times is a sure ticket to two things. First, she’s going to talk about you. Second, she is going to want to fuck you again in the future. That’s the bottom line. You need to give her what she’s looking for. She’s looking to orgasm, she’s looking to have a good time. You need to make her toes curl, you need to make her say “fuck” and “shit” and “damn” many times while you’re banging her. In other words, you need to give her that feeling that her brain is about to explode.

Make her orgasm at least five times, and I guarantee she will talk about you to her friends, and her friends would want to fuck you. And most importantly she would want to suck your dick and fuck you several times more in the future. Adult hookups can be that good!

Make her laugh throughout the night

Chicks who are looking for a hookup are not looking for serious guys. They’re are not looking for their dads, they’re not looking for coaches, they’re not looking for mentors. They’re not looking for any of that bullshit. They’re looking for a good time. This is why you need to keep it light, crack a lot of jokes, just to make her feel comfortable.