Amateurs or pros? What do you prefer?

amateurI’ve noticed lots of amateur cam sites that are quite new lately and I thought I should ask you guys… what do you actually prefer… genuine amateur cam chicks or real professional models? I guess you’d know my answer, I run a blog dedicated to amateur chicks so my answer is quite clear, but I want to know your opinions too.

I’d be very thankful if you could send me your opinions as well as your experience with either amateurs and professional models or both of them. I know there are many premium amateur cam sites on the internet, some of them very know and I’m confident that most of you have visited them, most of you could even be their members, so I guess we should have some serious feedback regarding this.

Feel free to use any kind of language you want, I’ll make sure to read every single word of every email/message I will get and I’ll select the top ones which I will also publish here. Also, I was thinking that from now on I should include more amateur pornt tube video within the posts I publish on the blog, so what would you guys think about that? We all know that lately tubes are taking over the Internet, especially when it comes to online porn and I’ve noticed there are lots and lots of good ones out there.

I could easily find full length videos of amateur cam sex shows to recommend to you. So besides the answer to the question within the title and your experiences with performers don’t forget to state your opinions on the tube videos matter. And if you’d have any other suggestions as well for us, we’d be very happy to hear them as we’re constantly looking to improve the quality of our blog and our visitors’ experiences. And if you’d want to let your friends know about this blog or about amateur porn cams and the fun they could have by checking them out, feel free to share our blog on your social media accounts, it’s easy and convenient. With so many more guys having a lot of fun online, enjoying private chats with amateur models, they’d probably find it quite interesting too!