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illonaThe typical hookup website can be a maze for most guys. A lot of guys are looking for very clear and easy-to-understand websites. I really can’t say I blame you for expecting most sites to follow a particular predictable architecture. The problem with the typical free hookup website is that for it to make money, it has to lead you through many different pages. The reason for this is quite simple: the more pages you view, the higher the likelihood that somehow, someway and at some time, you will click on an ad. When you click on an ad, there is a chance that you will buy something.

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If you’re able to wrap your mind around this, then you should have a game plan going or at least a rough idea on how to navigate and master the typical hookup website. Don’t get me wrong. These types of websites are not traps. These types of websites are not rip offs and frauds. Sure, there are some websites out there that are out-and-out frauds. They exist only to take money out of your wallet.

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First, you need to be persistent. You have to remember that you are not going to sink that three-point shot the first time you take a shot. That’s just a fact of life.

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